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Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate


Author(s):  Vaughan Jones    Susan Kay  
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780333757604

Publisher's resources are available for this book.

Unit 1 Images

Unit 2 Family

Unit 3 Money

Unit 4 Body

Unit 5 Ritual

Unit 6 Digital

Unit 7 Review 1

Unit 8 Escape

Unit 9 Attraction

Unit 10 Genius

Unit 11 Sell

Unit 12 Student

Unit 13 Home

Unit 14 Review 2

Unit 10 Genius

Page 88 - 92

(1) Discussion / reading on the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.
(2) Describing paintings.
(3) Reading and listening : Frida Kalho.

Page 90

Describing paintings.

look - look like - look as if
Page 92 - 93

Modals of deduction in present and past: describing and nterpreting paintings.

modals of deduction
Page 92

Link words in extracts from a conversation:
Can't have been
must have been


word linking
Page 93 - 94

(1) Ss guess when various objects were invented.
(2) Listening, speaking and reading: Trevor Bayliss and the clockwork radion (project to build radios for rural areas of Africa)
(3) Paragraphs about inventions gapped for time expressions.

inventions / discoveries
Page 95

Ss complete grid: nouns, adjectives and example collocations.
science, scientist, scientific, scientific research

word families
Page 97

Trivial Pursuits board game

general knowledge

Unit-specific worksheets
The following worksheets relate to the whole unit.
Word families
Speaking strips featuring word forms from SB page 95, # 1.
Units 6 - 10 vocabulary revision
28 squares with gapped sentences
Units 6 - 10 grammar revision
28 squares. Gap fill, gap fill from prompt, error correction and mulitple choice. Suitable for snakes and ladders game