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Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate


Author(s):  Vaughan Jones    Susan Kay  
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780333757604

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Unit 1 Images

Unit 2 Family

Unit 3 Money

Unit 4 Body

Unit 5 Ritual

Unit 6 Digital

Unit 7 Review 1

Unit 8 Escape

Unit 9 Attraction

Unit 10 Genius

Unit 11 Sell

Unit 12 Student

Unit 13 Home

Unit 14 Review 2

Unit 3 Money

Page 24 - 25
Gold Fever

(1) Reading : California Gold Rush
(2) Listening : Sam Brannan (Gold Rush millionaire)

Page 27

Short section following from reading Gold Fever (p24) dealing with metaphorical use of :

deluge, drift, flood, stream, trickle

Page 27 - 28
Close up

(1) Bookwork : gap filled passages with listening to check answers :(1) funny story (2) limerick
(2) Rules for use of articles : mulitiple choice exercise
(3) Practice : Ss make statement from prompts

Page 28

Read money sayings, underlined schwas, listen and check.

personality adjectives
Page 29

Money Talks

Mulitple-choice exercise with pairwork follow up.

breadwinner, rainy day, broke, blow money, splash out, worth a fortune

money expressions
Page 30 - 31

(Second and third contionals)

(1) Short listening (money)

(2) Matching : if clauses to result clauses

(3) Analysis of sentences.

(4) Discussion in groups (if you goverened your country...)

(5)Sentence comletion

(6) Grammar reference notes

conditionals - second
conditionals - third
Page 32

(1) Listening: four people talk about treasured possessions.

(2) Anecdote - talk about a treasured possession (prompts)

anecdotes - treasured possessions
Page 33
individual / pairwork   written exercise   

A day in my very wealthy life
Gap fill using : as soon as, while, by the time, then, when, as, during, until, after, just as.

time expressions - past

Unit-specific worksheets
The following worksheets relate to the whole unit.
Money expressions revision
Gapped sentences revising money expressions in Resource pack 3B 'Money talks'.
Vocab revision - treaured possessions
Reading strips:
'avalance', 'composer', 'inherit', 'jungle', 'museum piece,' 'tracks'