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Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate


Author(s):  Vaughan Jones    Susan Kay  
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780333757604

Publisher's resources are available for this book.

Unit 1 Images

Unit 2 Family

Unit 3 Money

Unit 4 Body

Unit 5 Ritual

Unit 6 Digital

Unit 7 Review 1

Unit 8 Escape

Unit 9 Attraction

Unit 10 Genius

Unit 11 Sell

Unit 12 Student

Unit 13 Home

Unit 14 Review 2

Unit 8 Escape

Page 68 - 77

(1) Reading textA day at the seaside
Adapted from Notes from a big country
(humorous) by Bill Bryson

(2)Listening : I'll never forget you. Woman talks about a holiday romance.

(3) Follow up work on discourse markers
(Let's get back to the subject ; to put it simply etc.)
Includes a gapped text and another listening on the same topic to check the answers.

(4) Reading: Every postcard tells a story - analysis of types of postcard.

(5) Reading and speaking: Insider's guide. Ss read guide book extracts and guess cities. Then discuss their favourite citie.

(6) Speaking : the travel talk game.
Board game needing dice and counters. Each square has a travel-related speaking topic, e.g. 'the qualities of an ideal travelling companion'.

travel / holidays
Page 70 - 71

(1) Ss order sentences in a summary of the reading A day at the seaside (Bill Bryson)

(2) Focus on reporting verbs in the above exercise. Ss divide these into two lists: 'say' type and 'tell' type i.e. those that do and do not take a direct object.

(3) Dictionary reading exercise as follow up (dictionary extracts are printed on the page)

(4) Reading passage Where's my car : son steal's mum's car with multiple choice exercise focusing on reporting verbs.

reporting verbs
Page 75

adjective building

(1) Compound adjectives with 'well-' or '-conscious' (Uses examples from reading Every postcard tells a story, page 74.)

(2) Adjectives with prefixes:
un in ir im il

+ suffixes less ful ish (Matching exercises)

(3) Gapped text with root adjective prompts.

prefixes and suffixes

Unit-specific worksheets
The following worksheets relate to the whole unit.
A day at the seaside - vocabulary
Vocab sheet for some of the more difficult words in the reading on page 69.
Vocabulary revision
Reading strips for 'A day at the seaside'.
I'll never forget you - conversational expressions
Practises the expressions on page 72 - actually, in fact, eventually etc.
Cut up expressions cards and give a copy to each student. Students then read out 'Have you ever...' questions. They must try to use up their expression cards when they answer these.
Adjective building - half-minute topics
Sixteen half-minute topics providing practice using adjectives formed with prefixes: incapable, illegible, irreplaceable, impatient, irresistible, indecisive, illiterate, illogical, irresponsible, improbable, illegal, irrelevant, immature, uninteresting, unadventurous,unusual
Compound adjectives: well + participle ; noun + conscious
Practice for exercise 1 on page 75