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Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate


Author(s):  Vaughan Jones    Susan Kay  
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780333757604

Publisher's resources are available for this book.

Unit 1 Images

Unit 2 Family

Unit 3 Money

Unit 4 Body

Unit 5 Ritual

Unit 6 Digital

Unit 7 Review 1

Unit 8 Escape

Unit 9 Attraction

Unit 10 Genius

Unit 11 Sell

Unit 12 Student

Unit 13 Home

Unit 14 Review 2

Unit 9 Attraction

Page 78

(1) pics of faces - male and female

(2) Collocations matching exercise (10 examples)
smooth skin sparkling eyes high cheekbones etc.

(3) Listening to consolidate - five people say what they think makes a face

facial features
Page 78 - 79

(1) Reading: Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
(2) Reading & speaking: speed dating (3) Listening : Blind Date (Cilla Black)

sexual attraction
Page 80

It is thought / considered / reckoned etc.
(1) Word ordering exercise
(2) Matching + discuss statements with partner.

passive - report structures
Page 80 - 81
individual / pairwork   listening   reading   written exercise   discussion   

Rights and wrongs of.. (listening) ; Cindy Jackson (reading / gap fill)

cosmetic surgery
Page 81

(1) Examples and analysis

(2) Short gapped article on Cindy Jackson (woman who has changed her appearance through cosmetic surgery)

(3) Word ordering exercise

(4) Speaking - 'Where's the best place in town to get (your hair etc) done?'

have sthg done
Page 84

(1) Adding suffixes to adjectives escribing personality to make other memebers of word family;
(2) Matching prefixes with stems (personality adjectives)
absent + minded etc.

personality adjectives
stress - syllable
stress - word
word families
Page 86

Unreal conditionals - alternatives to if

(1) Gap fill exercise (individual sentences - dating related) using just imagine    supposing   assuming etc. instead of 'if'

(2) Pairwork - speaking using sentences in (1)

(3)Grammar reference box

second conditional
Page 87
small groups   speaking   listening   written exercise   song   

Song Never Ever by the All Saints.
Gap fill + discussion.

romance / relationships

Unit-specific worksheets
The following worksheets relate to the whole unit.
Vocab / grammar revision
Reading strips revising language for blind date + the alternative unreal conditional language on SB page 86