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New Cutting Edge Pre-Intermediate students' book


Author(s):  Sarah Cunningham    Peter Moore  
Publisher:   Longman
ISBN: 9780582825093

Publisher's resources are available for this book.

Module 1 Leisure and lifestyle

Module 2 Important firsts

Module 3 At rest, at work

Module 4 Special occasions

Module 5 Appearances

Consolidation modules 1 - 5

Module 6 Time off

Module 7 Ambitions and dreams

Module 8 Countries and cultures

Module 9 Old and new

Module 10 Take care

Consolidation modules 6 - 10

Module 11 The best things in life

Module 12 Got to have it

Module 13 Choosing the right person

Module 14 Money, money, money

Module 15 Imagine...

Consolidation modules 11 - 15

Module 5 Appearances

Page 42 - 43

Reading passage on different ideas of male and female beauty
Includes comprehension exercise on vocabulary for describing people

describing people - appearance
sexual attraction
Page 44 - 45
listening   reference notes   written exercise   

Various book exercises including listening

comparative and superlative adjectives
Page 46 - 49
individual / pairwork   listening   speaking   written exercise   

Listening and identifying pictures
Describing a suspect to the police

describing people - appearance
Page 47
vocabulary   written exercise   

Wordspot: look. Spider graph for uses of 'look' + gap fill and sentence completion exercises