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Real Listening & Speaking 3


Author(s):  Miles Craven
Publisher:   Cambridge
ISBN: 9780521705882

Unit 1 How are things?

Unit 2 Can I take your coat?

Unit 3 I'm looking for a flat

Unit 4 I'd like a refund, please

Unit 5 Is there anything on?

Unit 6 I've got a pain in my arm

Unit 7 I could do with a break

Unit 8 It's an amazing place

Unit 9 Shall we say five o'clock?

Unit 10 I'd like to open an account

Unit 11 My bag's been stolen

Unit 12 Can I take a message?

Unit 13 Let's get started

Unit 14 Good morning, everyone

Unit 15 Good afternoon, everyone

Unit 16 What do you mean?

Unit 1 How are things?

Page 10 - 12
speaking   listening   matching   

Starting, maintaining and ending coversations. Includes language for responses - so / neither etc.
Includes 3 listening passages

auxiliary verbs - so / neither
starting / maintaining conversations
Page 12
individual / pairwork   listening   written exercise   

question tags
Page 13
speaking   listening   matching   

Listening: Students listen to short conversations and identify the subjects, whether or not the speakers agree and the key language used.

Speaking: Listen to tape and make oral responses