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Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack


Author(s):  Sue Kay
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780435242589

1a - 1b Who are you?

2a - 2b Talk about routines

3 Spot the similarities

4 Likes and dislikes

5 But what are they doing now?

Progress check 1 - 5 Sentences in a hat

6a A romantic meeting

6b Shirley Valentine

7 Who were they?

8 A holiday to remember

9 Who's who?

10 Over the bridge...

Progress check 6 - 10a and 6 - 10b Bingo

11 Job priorities

12 Horroscope consequences

13 Getting ready to go

14a Where's the Park School of English map

14b Where's the Park School of English placecards

15 A day in the diet of...

Progress check 11-15a Find the mistake

Progress check 11 - 15b Food, glorious food

16 Invitation dominoes

17a - 17b Photofit - desciptions and pictures

18 Age matters

19 Fashion conscious or fashion victim

20a - 20b Record breakers - questions - facts and figures

Progress check 16 - 20 Star qualities

21 Experiences

22 What's happened?

23 The river of life

24 True and false indentifications

25 Stuff and things

Progress check 21-25a Who said what?

Progress check 21 - 25b Jon's story

26 My ideal world

27 Challenges

28 Written and unwritten rules around the world

29 What's the matter?

30 Would you mind?

Progress check 26 - 30 The game of chance

31a Ten things you should know about dreams

31b A dream

32 Strange things happen

33 A good place to live

34 What do you know about the world?

35 Meal-times

Progress check 31 - 35 Find someone who...

36 This may be your life

37a - 37b What will happen if...? game board + cards

38 Your last day at home

39 Dream on

40 Work it out

Progress check 36 - 40a What would you do?

Progress check 36 - 40b Sentence dominoes

5 But what are they doing now?

Page 5
mill-type activity   grammar   speaking   

Five pairs of pictures showing a person's permanent job (what s/he does) and their present activity (what s/he is doing now)

present continuous for actions now
present simple - present meanings