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Straightforward Advanced Student's Book


Author(s):  Roy Norris
Publisher:   Macmillan
ISBN: 9780230021471

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1A A fresh start

1B First day

1C Growing Up

1D The quarterlife crisis

2A Memory

2B Memory Man

2C Bicycle history

2D Memory stores

3A Consumer society

3B Rubbish!

3C Competitive eating

3D A cautionary tale

4A Voicing complaints

4B Voice complaints

4C In the limelight

4D Speech!

5A Entrepreneurs

5B A new business

5C Women's work

5D Sexual discrimination

6A Body care

6B Medical care

6C Childcare

6D Babysitting

7A Behaving badly

7B Rudeness

7C Whodunnit?

7D Crime reports

8A It takes all sorts

8B Birth order

8C A close bond

8D Singles

9A A place called home

9B Squatters

9C A place in the sun

9D Experimental travel

10A Turning out well

10B What is success?

10C Going wrong?

10D A stabbing incident

11A A sight for sore eyes

11B Affordable art

11C The sound of silence

11D The New Music Award

12A Science fact

12B Wearable technology

12C Sport technology

12D The end?

1D The quarterlife crisis

Page 12
The quarterlife crisis
speaking   listening   

growing up
Quarter-life crisis
Discusses both quarter-life and mid-life crises.
BBC Six minute English
Page 12 - 13
Noun suffixes

prefixes and suffixes
Noun suffixes - page 13 - further practice
Noun suffixes exercise 2
Sixty gapped sentences requiring a noun with verb or adjective form given as cue.
Page 13
individual / pairwork   speaking   role-play   

decision making

Unit-specific online resources
The following online resources relate to the whole unit.
Unit 1 - Vocabulary Quiz 1
Twenty question MC quiz.