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Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack


Author(s):  Susan Kay
Publisher:   Longman
ISBN: 9780435240349

1a What have we got in common?

1b I know you, don't I?

2a Family Matters

2b Spot the differences

3a & b Lifestyle profiles

3c Men and women are from different planets

4a Things to do - places to visit

4b Whose life is it?

1-4a Find someone who

1-4b & c Get a line

5a Look back

5b What have you been up to?

6a It made my day

6b I was going to but

7a Dream destinations

7b Landscapes

8a Something strange happend on the way to...

8b Encounters of a spooky kind

5-8a Are you experienced?

5-8b Descriptions

9a Schooldays

9b Life changes

10a & b Alphabet game

10c What's your verdict?

11a & b Useful objects crossword

11c & d Don't say it

12a Anything's possible

12b Conditional dominoes

9 - 12a When we were ten

9 - 12b Impossible?

13a & b What is it?

13c Your views on technology

14a & b Give me a clue

14c A life in the day of...

15a Life would have been different

15b The grass is always greener

16a Snakes and ladders

16b Permission to lie

13 - 16a My kind of people

13 - 16b Brainstorm

17a How's your haggling?

17b Spend spend spend

18a & b Tomorrow's world

18c Ten years from now

19a Facts and myths

19b & c Unsolved mysteries

20a Advertising campaign

20b Neighbours

17 - 20a & b Drawing game

17 - 20c Buy a sentence

12a Anything's possible

Page 12
individual / pairwork   speaking   writing   

Ss complete 2nd conditional sentences about their partner.

second conditional