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Phrasal verbs - snakes and ladders cards

Advanced B2-C1
Groups of 3-4
Worksheet description

45 snakes and ladders cards for these verbs:
come, get, go, make, put, take
and these particles:
across, on, off, up, down, over, through
Include separable / non-separable, idiomatic and literal, transitive and intransitive phrasal verbs.
Answers on cards.


Cut up the cards as indicated and place them face down in a pile in the centre of the group.
Use a snakes and ladders or other game board with dice and counters.
When a player lands on a question square, any of the other players takes a question card from the pile and reads or shows* the top 'question' part to the player who has landed on the square.
If the player gets the answer right, s/he can continue; if not s/he must miss a turn.

*The answer to each card is printed upside down on the bottom, so the student asking the question can cold the card over and show the card to the answering student.

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