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Predictions with be going to

20-30 mins
Worksheet description

(1) Sixteen strips with predictions using be going to.
(2) The same sentences in a dominoes matching format.


(1) Strips
EITHER cut the strips in half and use for a simple matching activity,
OR place all the strips face down in the centre of the group.
Students take it in turns to pick up a strip and read out the left side. The others have to complete the sentence using going to.

(2) Dominoes
Cut up the cards as indicated.
Divide them equally among the students in the group.
Any student can start by laying down any of his/her cards face up.
(For groups of 3 there will be one extra card. This card can be placed face up in the middle and used to start the activity.)

Students then try to complete the two sentences on the first card.
They should proceed one card at a time*.
Demonstrate on the WB if possible. Explain there are 16 individual sentences - they do not make a story.

They should not have all the cards face up on the table at the start of the game as this is far more difficult to do and not every student will be focused on every match.

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