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Finding resources

ELT base is a database of resources for teachers of English as a foreign / second language.
These include printed worksheets hosted on ELTbase, links to worksheets on other servers such as Google Docs, and direct links to specific items such as online quizzes, audio, video and news articles.

Users can locate resources in a variety of ways:

by language point e.g. - a grammar point such as 'present perfect', a function such as 'suggestions', or a skills topic such as 'food'. Available resources will be listed on the index page for that language point.

by resource type e.g. - printed worksheets, online quiz, matching activity, picture set and so on. A list of language points is displayed for the type of resource selected. Click the language point to see the resources available or use the checkboxes if you want to see resources of this type for more than one language point.

by course book unit Say for example you are teaching Inside Out Intermediate, Unit 3. Follow the link to Inside Out Intermediate Student's book and navigate to Unit 3. You will see a list of all language points covered in that unit. Click on individual language points to see the resources available.

Free access

ELT base is intended as a collaborative project and all material is made freely available. Registration is not required to use materials hosted or linked from here. You may also add links to online resources or to printed materials you have created. See - sharing resources.


Registration will be available shortly and will give users access to a variety of online tools including those for the creation of lesson plans, online courses and user groups for sharing resources.
More about registration


Comments and suggestions on how to further improve ELT base are very welcome. (See links below.)

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