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Worksheets for prefixes and suffixes

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Prefixes and suffixes
Students form words using common prefixes and suffixes...


Prefixes and suffixes extra
Students spot incorrect combinations of prefixes/stems or stems/suffixes...


adjective building
matching - prefix + adjective + noun (Goes with SB page 75)...


prefixes quiz
Two eight-question word completion quizzes. These can be done in teams (A a...


prefixes snap
Twenty-five cards - 11 prefixes, 14 word stems. (1) play snap. (2) Gap fill...


prefixes - gap cards
24 cards gapped for common prefixes: anti, over, non, pre, post, self, unde...


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Online resources for prefixes and suffixes

 adjective building
Gap-fill quiz relating to (old) Inside Out upper intermediate, unit 8. page 75


 noun suffixes
Fourteen-question exercise. Students fill in noun suffix from gapped sentences. e.g. 'The develop____ of mobile phone networks in poor countries...'


 BBC prefixes quizzes
Three ten-question multiple-choice quizzes in ascending order of difficulty. NB: this BBC website is aimed at young native speakers (note the emphasis on spelling). However, this item would be of use to non-native learners.
BBC Skillswise


 adjective prefixes quiz 1
Gap fill. Add prefixes to individual words. il / ir / dis / un / in / im


 adjective prefixes quiz 2
Gapped sentences illustrating the words in adjective prefixes quiz 1


 prefixes and suffixes quiz
Twenty question MC quiz for prefixes (adjetive and noun) and noun suffixes.


 prefixes crossword 01
Fifteen-item crossword, all of the examples made with common prefixes - re, multi, dis etc. (Includes the following trickier examples: illogical, illegible, irreplaceable, multilingual)


Book references for prefixes and suffixes

General English course books (adults) 5
Photocopiable resource books 1
General English adult course resource packs 1

General English course books (adults)

 Global Upper Intermediate students' book 
Lindsay Clandfield   Rebecca Robb Benne   
Unit 2 Right & Wrong  Page 22   Prefix mis

 Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Vaughan Jones   Susan Kay   
Unit 8 Escape  Page 75 
adjective building (1) Compound adjectives with 'well-' or '-conscious' (Uses examples from reading Every postcard tells a story, page 74.)
(2) Adjectives with prefixes: un in ir im il
+ suffixes less ful ish (Matching exercises)
(3) Gapped text with root adjective prompts.


 New Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate students' book 
Peter Moore   Sarah Cunningham   
Module 2 Life's ups and downs  Pages 20 - 21  Forming nouns and gerunds
(20) Noun - verb pairs: research and researh etc. (20) Passage with mulitple choice words: noun /verb/adjective etc, (21) Word completion
Module 2 Life's ups and downs  Page 27   Practise
End-of-unit extra practice section
Module 2 Life's ups and downs  Page 22   Forming adjectives
Common adjectival endings: ive, ic, able etc
Module 2 Life's ups and downs  Page 23   prefixes
Common prefixes: over, under, pre, post etc

 New Inside Out Student's Book Upper Intermediate 
Susan Kay   Vaughan Jones   
Unit 4 Challenge  Pages 36 - 37  Ben Saunders: Polar explorer
Reading about the youngest person to ski solo to the North Pole + vocab work focusing on prefixes and suffixes

 Straightforward Advanced Student's Book 
Roy Norris   
1D The quarterlife crisis  Pages 12 - 13  Noun suffixes

Photocopiable resource books

 Play Games with English Book 2 (1981-8) 
Colin Granger   John Plumb   
Opposites quiz page 30  Page 30 
dis... un... im... in... Ss form opposites of 12 adjectives (with picture prompts) by adding these prefixes.

General English adult course resource packs

 Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack 
Susan Kay   
9 - 12b Impossible?  Pages 9 - 12
Dominoes game with prefixes.