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Reward Upper-intermediate Resource Pack


Author(s):  Susan Kay
Publisher:   Longman
ISBN: 9780435240349

1a What have we got in common?

1b I know you, don't I?

2a Family Matters

2b Spot the differences

3a & b Lifestyle profiles

3c Men and women are from different planets

4a Things to do - places to visit

4b Whose life is it?

1-4a Find someone who

1-4b & c Get a line

5a Look back

5b What have you been up to?

6a It made my day

6b I was going to but

7a Dream destinations

7b Landscapes

8a Something strange happend on the way to...

8b Encounters of a spooky kind

5-8a Are you experienced?

5-8b Descriptions

9a Schooldays

9b Life changes

10a & b Alphabet game

10c What's your verdict?

11a & b Useful objects crossword

11c & d Don't say it

12a Anything's possible

12b Conditional dominoes

9 - 12a When we were ten

9 - 12b Impossible?

13a & b What is it?

13c Your views on technology

14a & b Give me a clue

14c A life in the day of...

15a Life would have been different

15b The grass is always greener

16a Snakes and ladders

16b Permission to lie

13 - 16a My kind of people

13 - 16b Brainstorm

17a How's your haggling?

17b Spend spend spend

18a & b Tomorrow's world

18c Ten years from now

19a Facts and myths

19b & c Unsolved mysteries

20a Advertising campaign

20b Neighbours

17 - 20a & b Drawing game

17 - 20c Buy a sentence

19a Facts and myths

Page 19
small groups   information gap   pairwork   

Students exchange information about common myths. (drinking sea water will drive you insane etc.)
'It is believed that...', 'It is said that...' etc.

facts and myths
passive - report structures